apple family iTunes, You Gotta Be There  The iTunes App Store is home to millions of users with registered credit cards. Many of these people are your customers already, and many more could be. A typical mobile app can be searched for, found and installed in a user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod in about 60 seconds. That’s how close you are to having your brand in someone’s pocket or on their desk or coffee table.

We are experts in iOS app design and development for iPhone, iPad and iPod. From concept through release we will prove that everyday, and help you tap into a new marketing channel for your business.

Concept – Matching the business goals with the customer goals and coming up with a mobile app concept that will achieve both. We then wrap it up in your brand with strong creative design.

Usability – Design begins with the app user and best practice usability principles. We take special care to make apps intuitive and keep the user experience familiar to native Apple device functionality.

Functionality – All of our apps begin with a detailed functional specification and a working prototype. You’ll see every screen and button along with logic flow diagrams, before we build, ensuring that the finished product meets the goals that drive the concept. No surprises.

Interoperability – The mobile world is dominated by Apple iOS and Google Android, and our app designs bring those two worlds together. While our iOS apps are uniquely Apple, and our Android apps are uniquely Google, we use advanced web service technology to enable these platforms to work together seamlessly.

Delivery – After stringent testing and QA your app is delivered ready to go. And if you’d like, we’ll set up your Apple app business account, design and upload all creative assets. And we’re not done until your app has gone through the Apple approval process and your app is live in the iTunes App Store.

As with all of our service offerings, we incorporate a strong design, development and project management process giving you the transparency and confidence you need to know that we will deliver on spec and on time. Our development cycle does not end until your app is successfully deployed in the iTunes App Store and our optional maintenance services will seamlessly provide for tweaks and enhancements as needed.

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Supported devices: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S; iPad, iPad 2, iPag 3, iPad Air, iPad Mini; iPod Touch; supporting iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7.